Getting ESTA for Travel to US: What You should Know

When you are not a citizen of USA and you think of going there, you must have an idea about how hard it is to undergo the entire process and acquiring requirements. However, this process is made easier thanks to the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA), an online application system designed to assess travelers before they’re even allowed to board a plane to the U.S. This system is only for citizens of the countries included in the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) for them to enter US without having a visa.

The application process is simple and easy to complete, as it is just a four-step process. There’s no need for the applicant to go to the US embassy since the process can be done online. First thing to do is to fill up the application form and be ready with your passport for some details. The next step is to just complete the application form before submitting then it’s followed by paying the processing fee, which is only $4. Then next thing to do is just to wait and know about the result of the application. Usually it can be given within 24-72 hours. An approved application may move on to the next processes but a $10 processing fee will be asked by then.

Since the VWP was not approved and the ESTA application was not successful, the applicant can only travel to the US through a visitor visa. Changes on the conditions of the program can be used as reference of the result of the application for ESTA USA. These modifications include VWP technicalities, such as to only allow travel through visitor visa for travelers from VWP countries but have dual citizenship with Iran, Iraq, Sudan, or Syria, regardless of whether their passport were from the mentioned countries or not.

Second, citizens from countries under VWP and had been from Iran, Iraq, Suda and Syria since March 1, 2011 also need to acquire visitor visa. Except only if the travel to any of the mentioned countries was for military service. Nonetheless, ESTA USA is still a more convenient way for people to enter U.S. without going through tiring processes of acquiring visitor visa.

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